Legends from our region...


Of St. George


St. George and St. Barbara were coming out of the woods; Barbara was walking and George was riding. When they reached the peak of the Upper side, suddenly they saw a big valley (Vinodol).

St. George’s horse leaped to the lower side, which was pointing to the sea. On solid rock you can still see the traces of the hoof, saber and foot. St. Barbara walked on foot and could not leap over the valley, so she came down to a village called Podskoči and took a stride over the valley.

In Podskoči you can still see the imprints of her shoe and spindle. On the place where St. George landed with his horse the people of Bribir built St. George’s Church, and on the place where St. Barbara set her foot they erected St. Barbara’s Chapel.

Of Drivenik

According to a folk’s tale, once upon a time Vinodol was invaded by the Turks who attacked the castle of Vinodol, which was safeguarding women, old people, children and a few members of garrison. Most of the garrison went to defend Ledenice.
Women defended themselves so well that they managed to repulse the Turkish attack. Consequently, the Turks started making preparations to leave. When they saw that, the women started mocking the Turks who then realized they had been defeated by women. They got mad, attacked again and conquered Drivenik.

Malik's hole


In the area around Grižane there are numerous natural recesses. Some of them are called Malik’s Holes. Our elders believed that such recesses were inhabited by Maliks, little people dressed in red clothes and wearing small red caps.

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