Accommodation in Vinodol


Vicinity to the sea and woods is what makes Vinodol the ideal holiday destination.

In all parts of Vinodol you can find accommodation in rooms and apartments of cosy family houses. Kind hosts will make your stay unforgettable and you will definitely want to come back to Vinodol. In addition to accommodation, the hosts also offer home-made meals in a comfortable boarding house.
If you want something different, you can also stay in rural weekend houses. Experience the life of people of Vinodol as it once was and spend your holiday in a house arranged in the traditional style of Vinodol, but with modern facilities.
You will avoid summer heat if you choose weekend houses located in the woodland area of Vinodol. You might want to cover yourself with a blanket at night, and during the day you will enjoy the warmth of summer and the vicinity of the sea. In winter you can enjoy the snow. In the woods you can also find accommodation in the climbers’ lodging and try out specialties made of self-grown plants.
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