Juraj Julije Klović is the greatest representative of European and world miniatures and one of the greatest artists in the field of art born in Croatia. In honour of the famous illuminator and miniaturist in 2014, a museum collection was opened in the old school building in Grižane. The rich memorial collection consists of several themed rooms that represent the work and life of the famous miniaturist. Juraj Julije Klović is the most famous and most special person born in Vinodol. He was born back in 1498 in Grižane.

He was the greatest representative of European and world miniatures, a teacher and role model of many artists, whose fame went beyond his and our homeland. With his grandiose works, he ranked among the greatest artists in the world: Raphael, Titian and Michelangelo. He left behind such masterpieces, like no other artist of fine painting and he spread the name of his homeland around the world.

In his time, Klović was one of the greatest artists. This glory, with which the name of his homeland is inextricably linked, has lasted for centuries. The world’s most famous artist, who signed several of his miniatures as Julio Clovio de Croazia, is present in Croatia with only a few works, although he has illuminated numerous prayer books, lectionaries and magazines commissioned by the most distinguished people of his time. One of his most famous works is Farnese Hours, made for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. Then, as today, they are kept as the greatest treasures. They used to be guarded by clients and today they are jealously guarded in the vaults of the world’s most famous libraries, archives and museums.

Greatest representative of European and world miniatures

Juraj Julije Klović


The famous miniaturist died on January 5th, 1578 at the age of eighty. He was buried in the church of St. Peter in Chains in Rome. On the monument made of black marble, with Klović’s bust made of white marble, it is written, among other things: “Julije Klović from Croatia… an unrivalled painter… the greatest painter in small painting, who lived in the work until his deepest age”.

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The exhibition of the museum collection is also available virtually via:

Passing through the rich memorial museum collection consisting of several thematically different rooms, you will get acquainted not only with the work and life of Croatian Renaissance painter and miniaturist Julije Klović, but also with other cultural treasures of the Vinodol municipality.


Visit by appointment in the Tourist Board of the Vinodol Municipality :

– via phone: 051/248-730

– or mobile: 091/248-7301

– or via email: info@tz-vinodol.hr


51244 Grižane, Grižane 45

Directions and parking:
House Klović is located in the building of the old primary school in Grižane, 200 meters from the centre.

From Crikvenica you should follow the signs for Grižane, there are two possible routes:

  • through the village Dolinci, then you will come to the centre of Grižane and turn right and drive 200 meters to the signpost for the House Klović,
  • and on the road that passes by the quarry, when you come to a crossroads where you can turn for Bribir or Grižane, turn left for Grižane and drive approximately 500 metres to the signpost for House Klović.

Parking is available in front of the building.

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