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The remains of the old walls and the town tower are reminiscent of the time of the Frankopan princes, whose four-century rule left deep spiritual and material traces in Vinodol. Bribir experienced its greatest prosperity in the time of Prince Bernardin Frankopan, who fortified the castle and the city walls. When the Bribir manor was abolished in 1848, the municipal government demolished Vela and Mala vrata and the castle, and a school was built in its place. Thus ended the long and glorious history of the Bribir fort in ruins. The only remnant of the Bribir fort is a square tower from 1302 and part of the walls. From the hill on which the old town is located, there is a view of the valley and Novi Vinodolski. Renaissance works of art in the church of St. Peter and Paul testify to the high level of cultural and civilizational achievements of medieval Vinodol and strong ties with Europe.

KUD Bribir has been active since 1974, when it separated from the then National Reading Room “Tomo Strizić” Bribir. During its operation at the National Library and Reading Room, there was a Recitation Section, a Tamburitza Choir and the Society for Folk Customs. Later, the vocal sextet of elementary school students joined the KUD, which was named “Stjepan Brozičević”. The KUD was like this until 1998 when at the solemn session of the KUD on April 20th a conclusion was made to change the name.

We were led by the idea that the KUD should be named after the place of residence of most members of the Society and that the Society will be easier to identify. From then until today, The KUD is called the Cultural Art Society BRIBIR from Bribir. To date, the KUD BRIBIR has changed ten presidents, namely: Mihovil Kombol, the late Vladimir Veljačić, the late Mladen Čor, Ljubo Antonić, Zlatan Ligatić, Zrinjko Antonić, Dajana Jerčinović, Ivan Ligatić, Vesna Spoja and Biserka Lončarić.

Many members, singers, musicians, tamburitza players, sopilas, dancers, actors, creatives and many others passed through the KUD, and a selfless thank you to everyone for their work, time, will and love for the KUD and Bribir. Many leaders took turns, namely: the late Ivica Kaliman, Tomislav Dražić, Pavao Kombol, Bosiljka Martinčić, Suzana Šestak, Jagoda Ugrin, Vesna Spoja, Ivan Ligatić, Ljubo Antonić, Jozefina Manestar, Ana Debelić, Natalija Iyanitzka, the Piškulići brothers , Ljiljana Kovac.

Members of the women’s klapa “Fijolica” participated in 1998 and 2000 in the Omis klapa festival. The KUD collaborated with the famous ethnomusicologist Ljubo Stipišić Delmat and the choreographer of the LADO emsemble Vid Bagur.

I hope I was able to list them all, because in 40 years there were really a lot of them. In 40 years of work, many sections have alternated: recitation, drama, section for folk customs, men’s klapa, women’s klapa, mixed choir, section for creative work, sopilaška, tamburitza, small folklore, folklore section, which was founded in 2001.

Currently in KUD there are the following sections: -drama -folklore -sopile section -tamburitza -small folklore

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THE SOPILE AND TAMBURITZA SECTION operate and perform independently, but they always accompany us at all performances of the folklore section and small folklore. They are also dressed in Bribir folk costumes and nurture local Bribir songs.

THE SMALL FOLKLORE SECTION has been active for several years and they have shown enviable knowledge and will and love for Bribir dances. They are our hope and our future.

THE DRAMA SECTION performs plays that were initially written by Ivan Ligatić, and have been written for eight years by Mrs. Kate Grgurić. These are the plays: In the kitchen, The guard, On the laundry, In the bar, The beggar, Dota, In the cold. The section has 25-30 members. The audience accepted our plays very well, because they show the life lived by our fathers and mothers, grandparents and describe the customs of Bribir. The texts were written in Bribir čakavica, which is a great contribution so that our “lipo ča” is not forgotten. Our KUD has joined the Croatian Parliament of Culture and we have been invited to the county competition in Rijeka, where an amateur theater festival is being held and we are performing with the play Na perili. This is a great recognition for us. We will worthily present not only our KUD but also the town of Bribir and the entire Vinodol municipality.

THE FOLKLORE SECTION was founded in 2001. We dance only indigenous Bribir dances and we want to keep them from oblivion. We have restored the complete women’s folk costume and much of the men’s. The task this year is for all members to receive a costume that would be complemented by a hat and coat, the so-called dolomica. The folklore section is recognizable throughout our beautiful country. We performed at the Folklore Festival (international) in Zagreb, at Vinkovačke Jeseni, at Đakovački Vezovi, in Bektež, Karlovac, Ozalj, Ludbreg, Ivanić Grad, Murter, Metković, Pleternica, Otočac, Požega, Žejane, Rijeka, Tribalj, Grižane, Crikvenica , Novi Vinodolski and of course in Bribir. We received a number of compliments for our costume, dance and complete performance.


We are the guardians of the heritage of our region and we are already systematically working to preserve the autochthonous Chakavian tradition and speech expression. This cultural and artistic society also had a lot of love for its willage. We can proudly say that many generations of young people have gone through many sections, from its founding to the present day. Even today, the members of the Society are members of various generations. All of them are encouraged to work by a selfless love for their region, customs, its past, the written word, costumes and everything that is needed to love their place. The history of the KUD is the history of socializing, rehearsals, repetitions, learning and finally performing.

We always wanted more and better, we were never satisfied with the existing because we always knew that better can always be better. We are the bearers of amateur cultural life in our willage. We cooperate very well with the Elementary School "Dr Josip Pančić" Bribir, the kindergarten "Cricket and Ant", the Voluntary fire brigade Bribir, the Hunting Society Bribir, the Tourist Board of the Vinodol Municipality and especially with the Vinodol Municipality.

Another very important thing to note is that without the wonderful, dedicated members who gladly attend the rehearsals, who love this KUD, the place they live in and everything related to it, these activities, without them, would not exist.

Biserka Lončarić
president of KUD Bribir
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