The trail of stone steps


The area of the Municipality of Vinodol – includes four main settlements – Bribir, Drivenik, Grižane-Belgrade and Tribalj. The entire Vinodol valley is a beautiful story, interwoven with rich history, numerous cultural and historical monuments, natural beauty and tradition. These are old settlements and towns, defensive forts, towers and castles, sacral buildings and treasuries, traditional rural architecture, Glagolitic inscriptions, native collections, sculptural and painting achievements, marked hiking trails, promenades and bike paths, will enable every traveller and mountaineer, to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of this area, while enjoying hiking and beautiful nature full of contrasts – sea, greenery and karst.

The Trail of Stone Steps is a „revived” old trail passing thorugh the Klamaruša hill, overhanging the Baretići village near Grižane, which used to be one of the link between woodland areas and inhabited settlements.
The trail is surrounded by beautiful scenery and natural and cultural-historical monuments (sacral buildings, a hill-fort…).
It is a circular trail which begins and ends in the centre of Grižane.
It is about 4.5 km long, 380 meters above sea level, with over 1300 carved stone steps. This is why the trail has both a touristic and recreational function, and each visitor who passes it will learn some interesting stories from recent history, when it was the main link between woodland areas and the above-mentioned settlements.
Along with other trails in this area (Zabral, Bačvica), it used to serve the villagers of Vinodol in the Second World War for carrying grapes, figs and cherries, as well as salt, who traded them for corn, potatoes, and beans in Gorski Kotar.

The trail also enters the village of Gobići, the birthplace of the famous Croatian miniaturist painter Julije Klović, also known as «the Michelangelo of Miniature Painting».

After visiting  Klović’s birthplace, the trail rises to the cutting of the Klamaruša hill, where two attractive caves are located: the Upper and Lower Karlova Peć. The trail comes out at the very top of the mountain, at about 600 metres above sea-level.

Here it follows the existing hiking trail of Litica in the direction of the Pridva Belvedere. From this point, it returns to Grižane, the first stop of this recreational-educational field trip.

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