“Vinodol Summer Evenings” is an event organized by the Tourist Board of the Vinodol Municipality during July and August. The goal of these events is to provide the audience with top artistic events and to draw the public’s attention to the Vinodol Valley. Aim is also to revive the old Frankopan forts of Bribir and Drivenik, as well as contribute to the affirmation of folk customs and values ​​through the inclusion of local cultural and artistic societies in the program of the event.

Vinodol Summer Evenings were first organized in 2001 in the Drivenik castle and other places in Vinodol with the aim of installing facilities in the attractive premises of Frankopan castles and places that will revive these spaces and attract guests.

22. Vinpodolske ljetne večeri lipanj srpanj letak
22. Vinodolske ljetne večeri kolovoz letak
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