Vinodol summer evenings

The 20th Vinodol Summer Evenings will once again provide the audience with top artistic events and draw public attention to the Vinodol Valley. Enthusiasts of classical music can enjoy the concert of the Zagreb Quartet, which will be held on Tuesday, July 13th, starting from 20:00 hours in the Parish Church of the Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth in Tribalj.

THE ZAGREB QUARTET – was established on April 25th, 1919, with a concert in the big hall of the Croatian National Music Institute. Namely, the Zagreb Quartet is the oldest Croatian chamber ensemble with more than 4,000 concerts on all continents and in 2019 it celebrated the 100th anniversary (according to the latest information, the oldest string quartet in the world that is still active). In addition to numerous domestic and foreign awards and recognitions, which have gathered a large number in the hundred-year tradition, the “Vladimir Nazor” Award (2009) for the lifetime achievement stands out.

TZ Vinodolske općine
Bribir 1
51253 Bribir

08:00 to 14:00


 +385 (0)51 248-730
 +385 (0)91 248-7301
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