Vinodol Municipality day


April 15th – Vinodol Municipality Day 

I would like to join in the congratulations of the Vinodol Municipality Council, Marijan Karlić, his representative, the Chairman of the Vinodol Municipality Council and all members of the Municipality Council, the Vinodol Municipality Civil Protection and the Unified Administrative Department to all the Vinodol Municipality residents on the occasion of our Municipality Day, to our Vinodol region – an area that we can jointly make a better and more desirable place to live!
Congratulations from the Vinodol Municipality website: 
“We proudly celebrate the municipality day of Vinodol and thank the generations of our ancestors who built Vinodol and who kept it for us and all those who will come after us. We dedicate the birthday of our municipality in particular to all Croatian war veterans, as their sacrifice teaches us about the importance of togetherness, the strength of solidarity and unreserved love for the region and their homeland. Thanks also to all commercial enterprises, the small and large entrepreneurs, the hardworking craftsmen who have made their contribution to the improvement of our region and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks also to all the institutions and associations in the Vinodol municipality, all of which in their own way constitute a segment of the life of every resident. Thanks also to all local self-government units, all state institutions for their support in our small community. All deceased residents of the Vinodol region are honoured with the laying of the wreath on the monument to the Croatian war veterans of the Croatian War of Independence, as well as on the monument to those who died during the Second World War and the central cross of the local cemetery.” 

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