Vinodol summer evenings

In honor of the famous “painter of small things”, the miniaturist Juraj Julija Klović on the terrace of the old school in Grižane on Friday, July 30th, a concert will be held by the versatile artist Vedran Ružić and his colleagues.

This is a musician, a fine artist who in 2012 also received the Status award for Best jazz bassist and contrabass player. For many years he has been playing in various jazz projects of eminent Croatian musicians such as Darko Jurković Charlie, Branimir Gazdik, Marko Ramljak, Zvjezdan Ružić, Goran Končar, Marko Tolja, Elvis Stanić, Voices of Nature… After several years of participating in various projects, Ružić begins a new chapter in his musical story, so in 2015 he released his first original jazz album “Night Speaking”.

In 2016, he created the project “Spiritual Market” in which he combines jazz music and art film, in which he tried to act as an actor and co-writer. For this project he won the Porin award in the category Best jazz album. With the aim of connecting another form of art with music in each new author’s project, in 2019 he released his third author’s album, “Libertin”, where he connects music and contemporary dance. In 2020, he recorded the album Forbidden Live at his first post-isolation concert. It was created during the pandemic isolation in response to artists and musicians performing live. It contains nine original compositions, including the song “Libertin” nominated for the Porin award 2021 in the category Best jazz performance. In addition to his professional music career, since 2010 Ružić has been picking up a brush more and more often.
Recently, he also creates sculptures inspired by music.

See you this Friday!

We remind all visitors that the number of seats is limited by space, as well as to respect all epidemiological measures and maintain social distance among visitors.

TZ Vinodolske općine
Bribir 1
51253 Bribir

08:00 to 14:00


 +385 (0)51 248-730
 +385 (0)91 248-7301
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