Vinodol summer evenings

Alen Polić will be a guest in the authentic space of the Balatura Hotel in Tribalj on Saturday, July 31st, as part of the literary evenings on the topic Relationship between art and nature.

Alen Polić is a musician, radio host and entertainer from Zlobin who, having opened a new page in his life, found his happiness in coexistence with nature and animals he loves endlessly. In his 22 years of musical career, he recorded very notable performances at the festival “Melodies of Kvarner” and “Melodies of Istria and Kvarner”, where he was awarded the “Beseda” award, which is given to the composition that with the best expression, i.e. music, lyrics and arrangements characterizes the region in which it originated. As a great lover of his village Zlobin and the entire Primorje coast, he contributed to the preservation of the musical heritage of the Primorje coast and its identity with its distinctive expression.

He won the annual award of the City of Bakar in 2003. He gained his musical experience at numerous performances in Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, at various events such as “Porin”, “Dora”, “Vinkovačke jeseni”, Etnofest “Neum” (2004 with the song “Botra, Botra”) and was also the Organizer of the Ethno Festival “Omišalj ’07”.

We remind all visitors that the number of seats is limited by space, as well as to respect epidemiological measures and to maintain social distance among visitors.

TZ Vinodolske općine
Bribir 1
51253 Bribir

08:00 to 14:00


 +385 (0)51 248-730
 +385 (0)91 248-7301
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