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Ivo Lučić is a journalist, writer and karstologist. He was born in Ravno, in the karst of Bosnia and Herzegovina, went to school in Dubrovnik and graduated in Zagreb. He obtained his doctorate in karstology in Slovenia. And krš, kras, Karst, Carso is not just a natural phenomenon like any other. The landscape determines to a large extent how people, animals and plants will adapt, cooperate and co-organize their lives.

Karst is Lučić s life theme. In the book “Karst Coating” (Synopsis, 2020), he explored all dimensions of life in karst areas on the example of karst in Popovo polje. At this time, there is no deeper, more extensive or more competent study of the karst phenomenon and life on it. What does this kind of landscape mean on a geological, anthropological, sociological, historical, or cultural level? Is there a holistic view of karst and what would that mean?

In a conversation at the Balatura Hotel, he will reveal everything about the modest and seemingly stingy but at the same time infinitely fascinating, unique and rich nature that surrounds us here in Vinodol – about karst.

TZ Vinodolske općine
Bribir 1
51253 Bribir

08:00 to 14:00


 +385 (0)51 248-730
 +385 (0)91 248-7301
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